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  • Tired Tankard

    Inn and tavern, seems to glow the brightest of any of the buildings in the village. Serves 10-15 people typically. It is the meeting place for the fisher-folk. Owned by [[:heore | Heore ]]

  • Heore

    Owns [[Tired Tankard | Tired Tankard]] He is the unofficial spokesman of the village.

  • Joanie Brandlewit

    Owns [[Crossroads Shop | Crossroads Shop]] She has a massive cat that won’t stop rubbing at visitors legs. Likes Finy as a healer and holy man Likes you better for returning two crates to her

  • Finy

    He lives in the [[Lighthouse | Lighthouse]] Is a follower of Sune. Is hard of hearing. Maybe just selective hearing? Skilled healer

  • Nabucha

    Nabucha is cultured and mischievous. He has a fondness for [[Dan]]

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